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Principal Tim Gregorash to retire from profession

Principal Tim Gregorash to retire from profession    “Man plans and God laughs,” chuckles Tim Gregorash, principal at St. Anthony’s School, summing up his entry into the profession of teaching.
    This is a career that spans 33 years, 32 of which were at St. Anthony’s School in Drumheller. This coming January, Gregorash will be handing over the reigns to a new, yet to be selected, principal.
    “After 33 years I am starting to look for a change” said Mr. Gregorash. “I have done what I wanted to do, I got the new school started and running and I feel we are in a great position for someone else to come in and take over with their vision of the school and lead it for the next few years.”    
    Gregorash studied at the University of Lethbridge and began at St. Anthony’s School teaching primarily Junior High science and math courses.  Like most teachers, he has gone on to teach everything from religion to building construction. In 1994, he became vice principal and then principal in the new millennium.  He was at the helm when St. Anthony’s reintroduced its high school program.
    With the high school came the need to expand, and it warranted the new school. Gregorash was part of this process from the design stage to the opening of the school. The school continues to steadily grow.
    It has been a great vocation,” he said. “Working with the kids has kept me in the profession for so long. It has been a dream, a lot of fun.
    “They say a good teacher will touch a child’s heart, but they never tell you how the kids will touch your heart.”
    This may be the most difficult part to leave behind.
    “I am going to miss the kids and the people I work with. We have an incredible staff, our parents are a great group of people, and that will be the one thing I will definitely miss,”  said Gregorash. “The school is strong and heading in a good direction. It is time for someone to come in and take it forward.”
    Christ the Redeemer School division has advertised to fill the position and the closing date is January 7. Gregorash will stay on until his replacement assumes the position. He is tight lipped on his future plans.
    “I’ll be taking a little time off and then I’ll be looking for something else to do. I feel I am too young to retire and will have too much time on my hands,” he said.
    For once in his life his schedule will not be signaled with a bell.
    “It is one profession that everything is so regimented in time… it is going to take a little getting used to, but it shouldn’t be that hard. When summer holidays hit I find it pretty easy to eat when I am hungry or sleep when I’m tired.”

Wheatland County reviews fire services

Wheatland County reviews fire services    Wheatland County is taking an introspective look at its fire services in the coming months.
    Council recently approved the creation of a committee composed of elected officials from Wheatland County, Villages of Rockyford, Hussar, and Standard, and members of the Rural Fire Associations.
    The committee was tasked with putting together a proposal to hire a consultant and see the process through to completion.
    “There’s been a group struck from the villages, county, and fire associations and they’re putting together something to get a company to come in and do an evaluation of our fire services,” said Wheatland County Reeve Glenn Koester. “With all the associations involved...we wanted to have everyone on the board and they can all have their input.”
    The initiative will evaluate efficiencies, compliance with legislation, and determine if service levels are sufficient.
    “We have a bunch of volunteers and fire associations and we want to make sure everyone is protected. With all the people involved we also want to make sure it’s running as efficiently as possible,” said Koester. “This will be a way to educate everyone with what the government wants and make sure everyone is protected.”
    The review, according to Koester, is a natural part of running any government department.
    “We’ve had our challenges, but everything is working. We do it planning, public works, and everything else with the county. We want to make sure we’re current,” said Koester.
    The committee has met once already and will be meeting again in December to put together a proposal to hire a consultant. It is anticipated the review will officially begin in the early part of 2013.
    “They’ll have another meeting in December to put together the proposal,” said Koester. “There’s not much going on now, but it’s in the works and it will happen.”

Remembrance Day Virtual Wall goes online

    The Royal Canadian Legion Dominion Command in Ottawa, has taken the Virtual Wall of Honour it created and has posted it online for all Canadians to view.
    The Virtual Wall contains a half hour slide show of over 800 men and women who served or are serving Canada.
    “We were surprised with the quantity of photos we received,” said Bruce Poulin, manager of communications with the Royal Canadian Legion.
    However, not all the photos submitted made it into the final product. Some had to be cut due to time or quality.
    For those watching the televised broadcasts of the national Remembrance Day ceremony in Ottawa, the Virtual Wall was not shown on television. The Legion is working with broadcasters to make sure the Virtual Wall, with everyone in it, is shown nation wide.
    “The original intent was to have screens on site and so we did the Virtual Wall. The next phase was for the television crews to pick it up. The problem was, the photos were both landscape and portrait. The broadcasters said it would be difficult to work that into a tv screen, so they opted not to do it,” said Poulin. “It’s something we’re going to look at for next year.”
    Work has already begun on the next Virtual Wall of Honour. Canadians are already being asked to send in their photos.
    “We’re already accepting submissions for the next Wall of Honour,” said Poulin. “This is something we’re going to build and ask people to start sending us photos now.”
    To view the Virtual Wall, visit http://legion.ca/VirtualWall_2012/VirtualWall_2012.html

Remembrance Day Virtual Wall goes online

Response poured in to The Royal Canadian Legion’s Virtual Wall of Honour & Remembrance, including many men and women from Drumheller such as Michael Arthur O’Dwyer pictured here. O’Dwyer was a pilot in the Royal Canadian Air Force during World War II. He enlisted in February 1943, survived the war, and passed away in February of 2001.