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Town appoints new Community Enforcement Supervisor

Town appoints new Community Enforcement  Supervisor

    The Town of Drumheller has hired a new Community Enforcement Supervisor and he comes with a wealth of experience.
     Greg Peters, former Drumheller Detachment RCMP Corporal has signed on to run the Community Enforcement Department at the Town of Drumheller.
    “I am looking forward to it, there’s a lot to learn,” said Peters, who had served his first shift last Wednesday.
    Peters has been in the RCMP since 1984 and has served in detachments all over Canada. Previous to joining the force, he was a City police officer in Ontario and before coming to Drumheller he was in the Northwest Territories. He has been in Drumheller for about 10 years, which makes him familiar with the community and he has built relationships.
    He retired from the RCMP just days before taking on the new post.
    The position of Community Enforcement Supervisor has been vacant since the former supervisor, Darcy Nundahl, resigned earlier this year. The department now has a complement of three officers.
    Peters was one of two corporals at the Drumheller RCMP Detachment. Corporal Kevin Charles says the position will be filled. The position has been advertised and is now closed. Regional staffing is examining the candidates and the detachment is hopeful a new member will be announced in the next couple months.

Hanna man takes first place in 2012 Dinosaur Valley Half Marathon

Hanna man takes first place in  2012 Dinosaur Valley Half Marathon


“If you see me collapse,
stop my Garmin”
- read a t-shirt at
Sunday’s half marathon

    It was the perfect day for running. The weather was warm, but a little bit of an overcast prevented it from being too hot.
    Gathered in the lower parking lot of the Royal Tyrrell Museum were almost 600 eager runners, waiting to get started in the third annual Dinosaur Valley Half Marathon.
    Before the horn sounded, many chatted with friends, some diligently went through their pre-race rituals, others took part in a warm up and stretching session, and a few bemoaned how little they had trained.
     When the word was given, the half marathon runners gathered in front of The Little Church. Organizer Colin Kloot gave a few inspiring words and Mayor Terry Yemen welcomed everyone to Drumheller and wished them good luck.
    The horn sounded and they were off, climbing slowly up to prairie level on the first leg of a long 21 kilometer race. Afterwards, it was the 10k and 5k runners turns.
    Fans waited patiently to see who would arrive first at the finish line in the Tyrrell Museum’s lower parking lot.
    For the half marathon, the winner came in at a red-hot time of 1:25:48. Mark Faas of Hanna is the 2012 Dinosaur Half Marathon champion. This was the first year Faas competed.
    “It feels good,” said Faas. “The toughest part is doing the training. If you do that, the race is just gravy.”
    Faas had already competed in a 10 mile race, half iron man, and full iron man earlier this year.
    For Drumheller residents, the first to cross the line in the half marathon was Drumheller Valley Secondary School teacher Dan Hird with a time of 1:39:07, placing sixth overall.
    One of the youngest competitors in the race broke into the top ten. Sam Brown, a 14 year old student at DVSS, came in tenth overall with a time of 1:41:34, a pace of 4.49 minutes per kilometer. Of the under 20 men's, Brown came in first, and he was third in the under 29 men's category.
    This is the second year Brown has competed in the Half Marathon. Three years ago, Brown had wanted to compete, but he was too young. Last year, Brown finished the half marathon with a time of 1:49:10.
    For the 10k, the overall winner was Shane Andersen of Edmonton with a time of 38:47. Brett McLean was the first Drumheller resident to cross the line at 52:43.
    One of the strangest tales of the day was that of eight year old Jaxon Riste of Iddesleigh. Riste was entered in the 5k, but took a wrong turn and ended up doing the 10k race instead. He finished with a time of 1:10:47.
    “I didn’t know who to follow,” said Riste. “It [running the 10k] was a bit surprising.”
    Kevin Firman of Calgary took first place in the 5k with a time of 21:44. Kate and her mother Penny Messom were the first Drumheller residents to cross the line with times of 31:46 and 31:48, respectively.
    The half marathon was a huge success and, though not all the money is in yet, organizers estimate the race was on par with last year. The proceeds will be donated to the Badlands Community Facility.
    “Given the fact the registrations are very much the same as last year, in fact just a little higher, we expect we will be able to raise in the range of $15,000,” said Kloot.
    Several weeks before the race, organizers were concerned about registration being low. However, it seems the number of runners exceeded that of last year.
    “We had very close to 600 registrations. Last year we had 573. In the 5k we had local people make up the difference. In the larger races we had mostly people from out of town. We had a flurry of emails at the last minute asking ‘can I still register?’ That certainly helped us,” said Kloot.
    Now that race is over, organizers will be taking some time to discuss next year.
    “We’re about to have our wrap up meeting next week. We might have some innovations and changes, but we’ll certainly have the three races again,” said Kloot.
    The 2013 Dinosaur Valley Half Marathon is the weekend after Labour Day, leaving plenty of time to start training for the next race

Early Years Fair gives parents and children tools to Reach For The Stars

Early Years Fair gives parents and children tools to Reach For The Stars

    Children don’t come with a handbook, but there are resources out there that can assist children to help them reach for the Stars.
 The Drumheller and Area Early Childhood Development Coalition is hosting its first Drumheller Early Years Fair. This is a chance for parents and caregivers with children ages 0-4 to have some fun and learn about some of the resources available.
    “It promotes early childhood development and introduces parents providers and gives them time to talk to them in a one-on-one setting,” said Michelle Hiscox, Early Childhood Development coordinator.
    The fair is slated for Wednesday, September 19 at the Badlands Community Facility. The theme of the event is “Reach For The Stars” and there will be activities based on the stars and planets as well as giveaways.
    Golden Prairie Parent Link will be on hand and will have the Ages and Stages development-screening questionnaire available for parents.
    There will also be resources based on the five main early childhood development areas. These include physical health and well being, communication and general knowledge, social skills, language and thinking skills and emotional maturity.
    Hiscox says there will also be a number of other local agencies on hand who will be available to meet with parents and caregivers one-on-one. This could be anything from law enforcement to healthcare and literacy development.
    To allow participants to have time to interact with service providers in a one-on-one setting, registration is required by September 14.  The fair is from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m., and Hiscox says there are many time slots still open. The fair is free of charge.
    To register contact Hiscox at 403-820-0325 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .